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A wood privacy fence’s life can be extended a number of ways, but mainly by using quality materials and staining the wood. Rusco Services use three 2×4 pressure-treated pine horizontal rails. The first two rails connect the posts of the fence horizontally near the top of the posts and closer to the ground.
The third rail adds stability to the fence and is necessary for the rot board which acts as a buffer between the picket and the ground if a rot board is desired. The rot board underneath the pickets protects them from the ground moisture. Because the cedar pickets (Western Red Cedar) are the most expensive component of the fence, Rusco Services uses a 2×6 pressure-treated pine rot board on all of the wood fences we build. Using good material and expert installation you can expect your fence to last around 15 years in the Denton area.

Western Red Cedar – Is a long lasting option, cedar wood fences can last for decades when well maintained. This wood has natural oils that resist insects, erosion, and decay so it less likely to warp and crack.

Spruce Pine – As the more affordable option, pine wood fences typically last about 8-10 years with proper maintenance. Since spruce pine pickets warp and decays if not treated, Rusco Services recommends oil-based stains and sealants to make it more resistant to insects, erosion and decay.

Rusco Services metal posts used on our privacy fences are heavy gauge, galvanized steel posts. The posts for an 8′ fence are set 6 ft apart and set in concret in the ground.