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Rental Maintenance

Rental Painting
Successful apartment owners and managers understand that the look of the individual units as well as the presentation of the entire complex defines the difference between being fully occupied and almost empty. A quality paint job would not only improve the looks and appeal of the apartment but protect the apartment from day to day changing weather conditions too. Regular wear and tear due to changing temperatures, dust and sunlight could be minimized with a new coat of paint to an apartment.

Make Ready Services
Rusco Services make ready service is available for properties that may need a little cleaning, fixing up, landscaping services or full on repairs and remodeling service before the sale or occupancy of the home.

To obtain the best price for your home or the best tenant possible, a clean, well maintained home is essential. Rusco Services extensive experience has shown that work to improve the appeal of your house will result in a higher return on your investment.

We have a proven list of service providers we use on a regular basis as well as an in-house general contracting services available to tackle any project.

If you have a need for Make Ready Services contact us for a no cost estimate.

Make Ready Painting
If you’re in need of an apartment painting or apartment make ready painting services we’ve got that covered. Rusco Services works methodically and thoroughly to get your apartments turned with speed and quality. Our painters are highly qualified and skilled, working hard to reduce your apartment turnover problems. We plan to get the job done in a timely manner and have your vacant apartment ready for your next available resident.

We will create a customized maintenance plan for each client that focuses on your individual needs. With just 48 hour notice we can make ready any size unit and have it move in ready by the end of the work day, so you can make the most profit as possible.

Selling your home?

Selling your Denton home? These Strategies will Help you Get the Best Price.

Ideas to make your home more appealing and have your potential buyers! Plus these tips are quick and easy too.

Landscaping – make sure everything is neatly pruned and clean up any debris.
Front Entryway – make sure it is kept clean and free of clutter. Sweep the front entry often and have an inviting welcome mat at the door.
Roof – check the condition and consult a professional with any concerns. Maintenance is key to keeping a roof, especially a flat roof, in good condition.
Front Door – wash and paint if necessary, glass must be clean and free of smudges.
Windows – make sure they are all clean. Consider replacing any windows that are
broken or have moisture penetration.
Exterior stucco – address any stucco issues with your Realtor
Garage Door – wash and paint if necessary.
Garage Interior – make as neat and tidy as possible, Buyers are turned off by a dirty or cluttered garage.
Front Entry – keep clean and free of any clutter. Do not leave shoes, coats, keys, paperwork in your entry.
Main Living Areas & Bedrooms – de-clutter! Minimal staging attracts the most buyers. Talk to your Realtor about a professional stager. You want your home to appeal to the majority of buyers, sometimes it is hard to see past your personal tastes.
Empty Homes need Staging – talk to your Realtor about staging your home. Buyers have a hard time visualizing in an empty home, in a slow market , this is critical.
Carpets & Tile – must be clean and free of stains.
Kitchen – take everything off of your counters, remove any personal items from the front of your refrigerator, no dishes in the sink. Your kitchen must be bright & clean at all times.
Bathrooms – remove any clutter from sink areas, cabinets, tub and shower. Keep fresh towels on display. All bathrooms must be bright and clean at all times.
Interior Paint – touch up any areas that need attention.
Light Bulbs – make sure all work. If your home has dark areas, utilize accent lighting. Consider leaving lights on during showings. “The house is too dark” is a top comment we receive from Realtors and Buyers.
Shades & Blinds – keep open during showings. Realtors and buyers will not open blinds or shades to let light in. The best way to attract buyers is having your home as light and bright as possible, again, you don’t want to hear that “The house is too dark” because you didn’t have your blinds/shades open.
Light Fixtures – take down and clean all light fixtures for dust and bugs.
Keep a Positive Attitude. Buyers will be looking at lots of homes and can be very picky and critical. Take any comments with a grain of salt and use them constructively. A clean home that is well staged and priced will attract the most buyers.

If you need help getting your home ready to sell, call us, we’re here. Rusco Services.